How to Set up a Christmas Party Step by Step

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Welcome to blog where you learn how to do everything. Awesome! Now that you have planned (learnt how to plan for) a Christmas party, assume the day is finally here and you’ve got to set the party going.

Here are the 9 steps of how to set up a Christmas party

1. Prepare food

If you have decided to prepare food instead of making the party a potluck, decide on a menu that will appeal to all your guests. Make sure to have one or two vegetarian options. Prepare what you can the day before, and buy food at the supermarket like fresh fruit or cheese and crackers. Tips again!

  • You don’t have to offer your guests a full meal. Finger foods are ideal for Christmas parties because they are easy to eat and are often easy to prepare as well.
  • Make sure to provide desserts as well as savory items.
  • Some good examples of tasty and easy to make foods are: deviled eggs, veggies and dip, bruschetta, pigs in blankets, and gingerbread and Christmas cookies.
  • While you are at the supermarket, remember to buy any plates, napkins, cups or utensils your guests will need to eat.

2. Prepare or buy drinks. 

If your party is not BYOB, you will have to provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The easiest option for alcoholic drinks is to make a signature holiday cocktail in a large batch. This a good option because it will be cheaper than buying a lot of different kinds of liquor, and it is easier for guests because they won’t have to prepare their own drinks

  • You can also provide beer as an alternative drink to a cocktail.
  • Also be sure to buy plenty of soda and festive non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling juice and eggnog

3. Clean the space. 

Am definitely not going to tell you why this is important. But yeah get it cleaned.

4. Put out tables and chairs. 

You will need to put out long tables for holding food. You also should make sure that there are enough chairs to hold about a fourth of your guests. Your guests are going to mingle and walk around, so you don’t need to have as many chairs as you have guests. However, aim enough chairs or couches for elderly guests or for guests who get tired of standing.

5. Make a festive atmosphere. 

The Christmas tree is the most important focal point of a Christmas party. Place the tree so that it’s in a prominent, central location while still not being in the way. Decorate the tree with lights, garlands, and ornaments, and place a star at the very top. Then decorate the rest of the space.

  • Remember to plug the lights into an outlet and turn them on before the start of the party.
  • Make sure the rest of the space follows a Christmas theme by putting out stockings, tinsel, mistletoe, red and green ornaments, and any other decorations that fit the Christmas spirit.

6. Set up a kids’ area. 

If your families, friends or coworkers are bringing their kids, you will want to set up an area with games or fun activities for them. This will keep kids entertained, occupied and out of trouble!

  • Set the kids area slightly apart from the hustle and bustle of the party.
  • Consider the ages of the kids coming to the party when picking out games. For instance, Monopoly would be too complex for three year olds, while older children would be bored by toys designed for younger children.

7. Set up the food and drinks. 

Set up food at a long table, with savory appetizers at one end and desserts on the other. Make sure that there are plenty of plates, napkins and utensils at each side of the table so that guests can help themselves.

  • Also consider putting out toothpicks if you are serving food like fruit or shrimp cocktail, which are easier to spear than to eat with your fingers or with forks.
  • If you are serving hot food, heat it up 30 minutes before guests are scheduled to arrive.

8. Turn on music. 

Make a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs, mixed in with other party music. Use speakers to play the music at a normal volume

  • When making your playlist, think about your audience. Consider that your coworkers and your older relatives may be at the party, and play music that is not too aggressive or too inappropriate.
  • If you don’t know what kind of music to play, consider having a site like Pandora make a playlist for you.
  • If you are planning a large party at a venue, consider hiring a professional DJ.

9. Turn down the lights

I did not say you turn them off!  Glaring lights can kill a cheerful holiday vibe. Dim overhead lights, and turn on any standing lamps or other light sources. Consider hanging Christmas lights along the walls to give your party a twinkling, warm light. Christmas-like mood eeh!

  • You also can put candles on tables and shelves; just make sure that the candles are held in jars, or other safe containers.
  • Also make sure to monitor the candles after you light them, and keep them out of reach of children.

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Pass this to the next buddy!

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