How to get Countries, Calling Codes, Timezones for your project

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Fore word

Have you ever wanted to get list of Countries in the World? Or perhaps calling/dialing codes? How about list of timezones and languages for your project? Here is a perfect solution for you.

When i was learnig how to code, i came across this RESTful API that is OpenSource and Free; yeah, entirely FREE. It is called OLAPI – Open Locations API.

OLAPI was written by a Kenyan College Student and has since received support from Red Hat’s Openshift Linux based Cloud service provider. As a matter of fact, OLAPI is hosted freely by Openshift.Online

OLAPI also has received support from, an API documentation service provider. They have hosted OLAPI’s Documentation for free.

OLAPI is built using Nodejs & MongoDB, its Git Repo is constantly updated and maintained. The source code is free and if you are a learner, fill free to git clone

What Can OLAPI do?

With olapi, you can get the following data:-

  • List of countries in the world
  • List of country borders in the world
  • List of languages in the world plus the countries in which they spoken
  • List of Calling codes e.g. +234, +1,+254 and the respective countries
  • List of Regional trade blocs
  • List of timezones in the world
  • List of Country codes
  • Population estimates for each country
  • Country Sizes
  • List of Cities ineach country
  • Capital cities
  • List of rivers in the world and their locations
  • List of lakes in the world and their locations
  • List of Oceans and their locations

How to use OLAPI

OLAPI can be used :-

  • For learnig purposes
  • For Artificial Intelligence as data sets
  • For production as data sources

To get started with OLAPI, just sign up and get started. Feel free to get clarification from the Docs

Authored: Ayan (@riorityoverride)

Writer, programmer – Freelance

Pass this to the next buddy!

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