Pass this to the next buddy!

Welcome to blog where you learn how to do everything. How do you/I create an e-citizen account is most probably one of the questions a standard Kenyan would ask Google. Here is how to do this.

Step 1.

Open your browser e.g Mozilla firefox or google chrome and key in Follow the registration process to register.

Important Notes to remember:

— You Should be Kenyan Citizen or a Foreign resident

— You must be above the age of 18

— Have a National identity card number or a National alien card Number

Step 2.

Choose Kenya Citizen Account as shown below here and there are several options. Select the accordingly.

Step 3

Enter ID Number and First name as it appears on your ID. See example below.

Step 4

Enter your email address , password and confirm your password .

Step 5

A confirmation link will be sent to your email, for instance, gmail or yahoo. (In this case am using my yahoo email. Login to your email and click on a link that is sent from e-Citizen . This will verify your email and take you back to e-citizen portal to continue with the process.

That is it and you are done! If you find this helpful please share to your friends on facebook and twitter. We are hiring Translators!

Pass this to the next buddy!

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