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What is AGPO?

AGPO (Access to Government procurement Opportunities ) is a Government of Kenya initiative that allows youths, women and persons with disability to access government tenders.

The aim of the AGPO program is to facilitate the enterprises owned by women, youth and persons with disabilities to be able to participate in Government opportunities. This is will be made possible through the implementation of the legal requirement that 30% of Government procurement opportunities be set aside specifically for enterprises owned by these groups. As a result, the program is aimed at empowering them by giving them more opportunities to do business with Government.

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What are the requirements for AGPO registration?

Original scans of:

  1. National Identity Card/ Kenyan Passport – youth are from ages 18 years to 34 years old
  2. Business Registration Certificate/ Certificate of Incorporation
  3. CR12 for Limited Company from Registrar of of Companies (system generated soft copy)
  4. Partnership Deed for partnership business
  5. Tax compliance certificate
  6. National Construction Authority Letter/ Certificate for construction category

How do you register for AGPO?

  • Step 1 – Register a business enterprise at the Attorney General’s Office in the form of a sole proprietorship business, partnership business or a limited company . The enterprise owned by youth, women or persons with disabilities shall be a legal entity that –
    1. is registered with the relevant government body; and
    2. has at least seventy percent membership of youth, women or persons with disabilities and the leadership shall be one hundred percent youth, women and persons with disabilities, respectively.
  • Step 2 – If business is a partnership, get a partnership deed from a lawyer, if it is a limited company a CR12 from the registrar of of Companies (system generated soft copy).
  • Step 3 – Acquire a PIN and tax compliance/ tax exemption certificate from the Kenya Revenue Authority website
  • Step 4 – Acquire all required certifications from professional bodies and authorities such as National Construction Authority, Insurance Regulatory Authority, ICPAK, LSK, National Council for Persons with Disabilities, NEMA, ERC and all other authorized bodies.
  • Step 5 – Open a bank account for the business and acquire a bank reference from the bank.
  • Step 6 – Access the website and register online or visit your nearest Huduma Center for assistance

Online registration Steps

  • Go to You will find an online form to fill in with several steps.
  • Fill in the for personal information and click Next
  • Fill in the Business information and click Next
  • Fill in the Compliance section and proceed to next
  • Then lastly, fill the Government section to complete the process.

Once you have finished you can login any time by visiting to check application progress.

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